Trade the Price Action - Laurentiu Damir

Laurentiu Damir is the author of 'Trade the Price Action - Forex Trading System'. What this book offers to the reader is an effective trading strategy the relies on price action. You have to know that trading on price action often results with over 90 percent of winning rate. Thus, this method is completely low risk with high reward.

What a trader had to do is simply to follow all the given set of rules of this method. Everything you need to learn are already contained on this book which will guide you into your profitable success.

Major Topics Covered on this Book:

  • Strategy Introduction
  • Trend
  • Support and Resistance
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Strategy Step-by-Step
  • Patience is the Key

  • Here are some real customer reviews:

    'Great Strategy'

    Upon reading this book, I find it very easy to understand and apply. By simply reading all the contents of the book, I can tell it that the author has a lot of knowledge in trading the forex market. Thus, I highly recommend this book to anyone who are interested in the forex world. - Ben Dror

    'Great Introduction to FX Trading'

    The method on this book has indeed a very nice system about price-based trading. After reading the book, I had put it to use on my practice account. I am now on my sixth months period of testing and I am happy to say that I had a consistent profit with it. - Art Richardson

    'Easy to Follow Step by Step'

    I find the method very easy to follow and its perhaps due to the well written content that are completely well explained in full details. Now, I am planning on making a fortune out of this strategy after the success of trading it on my demo account for 4 months period. - Richard Brester

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