Trade the Price Action - Laurentiu Damir

Laurentiu Damir is the author of 'Trade the Price Action - Forex Trading System'. What this book offers to the reader is an effective trading strategy the relies on price action. You have to know that trading on price action often results with over 90 percent of winning rate. Thus, this method is completely low risk with high reward.

What a trader had to do is simply to follow all the given set of rules of this method. Everything you need to learn are already contained on this book which will guide you into your profitable success.

Major Topics Covered on this Book:

  • Strategy Introduction
  • Trend
  • Support and Resistance
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Strategy Step-by-Step
  • Patience is the Key

  • Here are some real customer reviews:

    'Great Strategy'

    Upon reading this book, I find it very easy to understand and apply. By simply reading all the contents of the book, I can tell it that the author has a lot of knowledge in trading the forex market. Thus, I highly recommend this book to anyone who are interested in the forex world. - Ben Dror

    'Great Introduction to FX Trading'

    The method on this book has indeed a very nice system about price-based trading. After reading the book, I had put it to use on my practice account. I am now on my sixth months period of testing and I am happy to say that I had a consistent profit with it. - Art Richardson

    'Easy to Follow Step by Step'

    I find the method very easy to follow and its perhaps due to the well written content that are completely well explained in full details. Now, I am planning on making a fortune out of this strategy after the success of trading it on my demo account for 4 months period. - Richard Brester

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    My Forex Trading System - Steve Chafin

    Steve Chafin is the author of 'My Forex Trading System - A Simple System Anyone Can Use'. To tell you something about the author, he has been trading the forex market for over eight years. In that course of year, Steve Chafin had dedicated most of his time in studying the forex market that he had taken many courses on this subject.

    This ebook contains all the information that Steve Chafin had learned through all those period of time. It is a combination of different systems which can be used by anyone on any trading platform.

    Here are some real customer reviews:

    'Great Guru Teacher'

    I have known Mr. Steve Chafin from a certain forum wherein he discusses his good method. I admire him as a great guru teacher who wants to educate anyone that are interested in learning forex. This is the reason why I bought his book because I'm pretty sure that its filled with so much useful content. - Gilado Kulado

    'Keep It Simple'

    Keeping it simple is the type of strategy that I have been looking for. In my search, somebody recommended me this book so I bought it. After reading it, I never expected it to be so amazing. I am now reaping profits in most of my trades. - Andrew E

    'The Only Method that I Need'

    After my huge lose, I got completely disappointed. But I had given myself one last chance and that's the time when I came across with this eBook. As soon as I was done reading it, I immediately put it into action on my real live account. Though, I'm trading on my micro account because I cannot afford to lose huge sum of money. Unexpectedly, I managed to double my capital in just a span of one month period. - Tutangka Snuka

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    Unique Convergence Strategy - Vladimir Ribakov

    Vladimir Ribakov is the author of 'Boost your Forex Profits with Unique Convergence Strategy - Sell the Rally and Buy the Valley'. As you read this book, the author takes you behind the scenes of the market price action. You will get to learn exactly how to maximize your profits and identify only the trading opportunities before the rest of the crowd.

    Vladimir's strategy had actually taken years of development. Now, it is complete and ready to be used by anyone who purchase his book. He simply call his method 'Sell the Rally, Buy the Valley'. To tell you more, this strategy can also be applied on other markets such as stocks, indices and futures.

    Major Topics Covered by the Book:

  • Introduction
  • Divergence and Convergence Basics
  • How to Enter the Trades
  • Vladimir's Extras
  • Conclusion

  • Here are some real customer reviews:

    'Convergences and Divergences'

    Wow this book is amazing wherein Vladimir did a great job in discussing how to properly use the convergences and divergences in prices. Other than those, he also clearly explained how to use the MACD to identify the best trading possibilities. - Tim P Nolz

    'Great Strategy'

    This is one good book where it comes along with live marathon video. I like how the author discussed Support and Resistance levels. I did it on my own chart and I find them completely amazing wherein it provides high accuracy of trend direction. - Daniel Pindilli

    'Great Book'

    I actually spend several years trying to search for a better explanation about divergence and convergence. I encountered a few couches who has some knowledge with it but they only tell very little info about it. Thank goodness that I finally found Vladimir's book which specializes on this topic. - Pettros

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    Best Trading Strategies - Steve Primo

    Steve Primo are just one of the author of 'Best Trading Strategies - Master Trading the Futures, Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Option Markets'. To tell you more about the authors of this book, most of them had already spent over thirty years on this industry which makes them experts. With so many years of experience, Steve Primo and his co-authors had discovered the best technical analysis that will guide you into profits.

    Some Major Topics Discussed on this Bood:

  • Failing Your Way to Success by Adrienne Toghraie
  • How to Trade Eminis by Steven Primo
  • How to Analyze and Profit from the Major Moves in the Markets by Steve Wheeler
  • Cutting Edge News, Social Meda, & Twitter Sentiment Analytics by Bill Dennis
  • New TA Tools for Mobile Traders by Goerge Krum
  • can read more of this book's topics by visiting this product's Amazon page.

    Here are some real customer reviews:

    'A Trader Must Read'

    This book has amazed me due to its compilation of different methods in dealing with the markets today. In my own opinion, there is actually no method that is way much better than the other. The success of a certain trading method simply depends on how consistent you are trading with it. Thus, finding ways on how to use the old proven techniques is one of the best readings that I found on this book. - John K

    'A Must Read to Any Trader'

    This is one of the most excellent forex trading book that I ever read. What I like most on this book are the discussion about the trend behaviors and volume analysis. Anyway, I highly recommend this book to anyone especially for those who are just starting to trade. - JG1012002

    'Best Trading Book'

    The first important step for a trader to have is a strategy that will map out his plans for his business. This book had greatly helped me by studying various forms of strategies that has been presented by different authors. I had then implemented those strategies with my own in which I am now comfortable with it. - Nicha592

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    The Simple Strategy - Day Trading Strategy - Markus Heitkoetter

    Markus Heitkoetter has introduced his book entitled 'The Simple Strategy - A Powerful Day Trading Strategy for Trading Futures, Stocks, EFTs and Forex'. This book has everything you need for a profitable trading strategy wherein it clearly explains a powerful trend-following day trading strategy.

    By reading this book, you will get to learn the proper way to gain entry on your trades by following a clear set of entry rules. The same thing goes with the exit. Other than the entry and exit rules, you also going to take advantage of the small intraday trends.

    Topics Discussed on this Book:

  • How the Simple Strategy Can Help You In your Trading?
  • Can you Make Money If Half of your Trades are Losing Trades?
  • What Makes the Simple Strategy So Powerful?
  • How to Setup Your Charts for the Simple Strategy?
  • The Rules of the Simple Strategy
  • Determining Range Bar Setting for Other Markets
  • Trading with Time Bars
  • How to Trade Forex with the Simple Strategy?
  • How to Trade Stocks and ETFs with the Simple Strategy?
  • Simple strategy Swing Trading
  • What to Expect When Trading the Simple Strategy?
  • Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • The Next step

  • Here are some real customer reviews:

    'Simple is Better'

    I am a complete beginner in trading the forex market wherein I grabbed this book to help me out. After reading all of its contents, I was very impressed that the strategy is really very simple to implement. Other than its simplicity, it is working better than what I expected which means that I am gaining profit. Thank you very much for this book which game me a good start. - R. Hellman

    'Best 99 Cent That I Ever Spent'

    I am actually using this strategy since October 2013 and I find it awesomely profitable. I spent the first 3 months on my demo account before I wrote this review. So here's what I have to say, by the time that I read this book I immediately understood everything that the author wanted to imply. But I don't know for some people. Overall, a highly recommended book for everyone. - Alfredo Ramirez

    'Keep It Simple'

    KISS is the best trading method especially to all new traders. Without it then every new trader will surely get disappointed. I just actually finished reading all the contents of this book and its filled with precious trading information. Above all, it helped me understand how to create a day trading strategy that completely works. - Jnairb Johnson

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